Reducing Fleet Costs: Viatec’s Quest To Save Work Truck Engines
April 17, 2023

SpaceX is a pioneer in part because they get the most from their assets. Rockets and stages aren’t discarded but used over and over throughout a long service life. This was a revolution in space technology but rooted in fiscal sustainability. The value of extending the service life of a rocket or a work truck is the same. To do so, Viatec systems protect the engine, add years to service life and free up millions of dollars each year for vocational fleets.

The Challenge of Work Truck Idling:

A few years ago, Mark Ferri, CEO and Co-Founder of Viatec, noticed something kind of curious. Work trucks everywhere were idling while operators performed stationary work like utility, vocational, sign, lighting and other jobs powered by engine power. It was overkill, inefficient and could be made unnecessary.

The problem is, idling is not what medium and heavy duty engines were built for.

“We saw engines capable of moving a 30,000 lb vehicle mostly being used to power radio, lights and AC. We wanted engines to do what they are great at, getting you to the jobsite.” Mark remembers.

Viatec’s Vision for Extending Work Truck Service Life

Trucks are expensive and vocational idling, while commonplace, adds significant wear and tear to the engine, limiting the lifespan of an expensive investment. With a new approach to electrifying work, Viatec’s team saw an opportunity to add 3-5 years to the life of most vocational trucks; specifically service trucks, step-vans, bucket trucks and others. 

“The average life expectancy of a work truck is 10 years, and they cost around $300,000. If we can increase this to 13-15 years, we can save millions, even with a smaller fleet.” says Mark.

Right now, extending the life of a work truck has never been more important. 

Financial Benefits: How SmartPTO Tackles Fleet Costs

Viatec has now successfully helped transition jobsite work from diesel to electric for fleets across North America with their SmartPTO product. With a 3X return on their investment and 3-5 years of life added for a truck, it’s becoming an easy decision for fleet managers and financial leaders. 

Fleets can meet their environmental goals too, since idling accounts for anywhere from 50%-60% of a vehicle’s emissions.

“Each vocational truck we hybridize removes the emissions equivalent of 3 ½ cars.” says Mark, noting the emissions reduced by Viatec’s SmartPTO

The FUTURE OF Fleet Management aND Viatec’s Role

Looking ahead, Mark is confident Viatec will become the standard ePTO in the industry in the upcoming decade as EVs replace conventional PTO driven truck platforms, further reducing fleet costs.

“SmartPTO is a sound business decision with excellent return on investment, not only in direct savings but by increasing the life of the truck’s engine, an expensive asset. Our products help customers comply with the most aggressive environmental goals. We are in service with some of the largest fleets in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, supported by an extensive network of distribution and support partners.

Along the way we have redefined field service through remote monitoring, configuration, repair along with customer diagnostic repair tools and services. Over 90% of customers come back for additional units and some with additional applications. We were fortunate to emerge just as fleets were reaching a tipping point toward fleet electrification and today we are here for medium and heavy duty trucks. The idle reduction space is growing rapidly today specifically because the products are truly delivering the value fleets had been promised since the first ePTO in the 1970s.”

Learn more about Viatec’s SmartPTO and SmartPX products, or contact us to learn how Viatec can extend the life of your fleet.