Going electric is a game changer

We Are Viatec

Sitting idle for hours at a stretch is rarely a good thing. It’s especially hard on an engine designed to move medium to heavy-duty trucks. So we set out to create an ePTO solution that’s effective and dependable. Your customers count on you and you need to be able to count on us. We’re privileged to lead the way in electrifying PTOs and continue to find ways to make electric work, positively impacting your worksite, your community, and the planet.

The future is electrifying

We’re at a tipping point where doing good saves you more money than you currently plan to spend in your annual budget. Electrifying an existing fleet can put you in the black right away.

We see a future, bright with electrification possibilities. Commercial trucks, shredder trucks, grain elevators and oil transportation trucks, to name a few, can benefit from our products.


Making a difference is getting noticed

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2018 Clean Fuels Advanced Technology Grant Winner

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2018 CFAT Air Quality Improvement Grant Winner

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2020 Member of the National Zero Emission Truck Coalition

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There’s no time like the present to go electric.