Terex Hypower: A Spotlight on SmartPTO
April 27, 2021

Terex Utilities is a leading global manufacturer of aerial devices, digger derricks and auger drills for the electric utility industry and we are proud to call them our OEM. With more than half a century of experience in the development and production of vocational equipment, Terex Utilities offers a full range of solutions for every application.

The development of Terex Utilities’ technology has always been guided by a single focus – to provide their customers with innovative products that allow for increased productivity, safety and comfort. Today, SmartPTO is among the lineup of Hypower solutions that demonstrate commitment to innovation in an eco conscious world with the electric-powered APU that eliminates the need for idling trucks in the field and provides more comfortable cab conditions during boom operations while enabling Zero Emission Worksites™.

Today we’ll look at a spotlight on SmartPTO from Terex’s newest video outlining the Hypower lineup.

For more information on Terex Hypower, visit the link below