Viatec’s ePTOs Featured by Transport Topics
March 28, 2024
A white commercial utility work truck equipped with a Terex bucket lift parked on a city street, showcasing green sustainability branding on the door.

Exciting times at Viatec as Transport Topics shines a spotlight on the growing demand for electric Power Takeoff (ePTO) systems in the vocational work truck industry. 

The article highlights Duke Energy’s experience of going electric with Viatec, operating nearly 150 trucks equipped with our SmartPTO units. Duke’s former Director of Fleet Design and Technical services, Mike Allison, says, “the fuel consumption savings were immediately noticeable,” emphasizing not just the financial return but the substantial reduction in carbon emissions. Allison also mentions how work site conditions were measurably improved without the noise pollution and fumes of the running diesel engine. “You don’t hear the rumble of the engine.” 

Another case study featured in the article is Apex, N.C., where Viatec’s product was tested on three vocational trucks for a year. The city saved ~$15,000 in fuel and reduced carbon emissions by 27.5 tons, contributing to the municipality’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint.

Eric Neumann, the city’s Director of Electric Utilities, also notes the safety benefits of an ePTO. Without the noise from a running diesel engine, “communication with the ground crew and the bucket operator is amazing,” according to Neumann. “Better communication greatly reduces incidents resulting from misunderstanding.”

“Just as EVs have made huge strides in recent years, electrified tools and the PTOs that power them for everyday tasks in vocational work environments have advanced tremendously.”

Mark Ferri, President, CEO and Executive Chairman of Viatec

As the industry moves towards electrification, Viatec’s solutions offer a practical, impactful way to meet sustainability targets today. With more than 400 of our SmartPTO units installed and operating in the field today, we’re leading the charge for the electric future of vocational trucks.

For more insights on ePTO systems and Viatec’s pivotal role in the industry, watch the video below and check out the full article on Transport Topics.