EV Pulse: Viatec is Powering Commercial Work Tools Emissions-Free
May 5, 2023

We are excited to share recent media coverage of our SmartPX product launch at Work Truck Week 2023. Crag Cole of EV Pulse highlights how SmartPX complements Viatec’s Smart Family products, including the SmartAPU (auxiliary power unit) and SmartPTO. These products power a wide range of commercial tools, from boom arms and welders to concrete saws, without generating tailpipe emissions.

Powering everything from work truck boom arms to welders to concrete saws, Viatec has developed a range of innovative products that can practically eliminate tailpipe emissions on job sites. The Smart APU (auxiliary power unit), SmartPTO (power take-off) and Smart PX (power export) allow users to run professional power tools or vehicle accessories without needing to idle the engine or rely on a separate generator.

Crag Cole, EV Pulse

Watch the media coverage below at Work Truck Week 2023 to see how Viatec is revolutionizing the future of commercial work trucks and job sites with cleaner, efficient, and sustainable power solutions.