Viatec Installation and Service Now Available at Terex Service Centers Nationwide
August 28, 2023

As part of our ongoing partnership with manufacturer Terex Corporation, we will now be offering installation and service for all Viatec products at any Terex Service Center nationwide! 

With hundreds of locations across the country, this partnership will make it even easier for our customers to convert to one of our three all-electric solutions:


With SmartPTO, you can electrify your fleet fast at a much lower cost. It’s easy to install with no invasive interface. Operate boom and bucket hydraulics and A/C. Recharge by plugging into a standard wall outlet or Level II charger. Best of all, you can retrofit your current fleet, regardless of the chassis.


This drop-in replacement for your gasoline or diesel generator can power all your electrical equipment at the job site. From welders to HVAC, it easily handles even the most demanding loads, providing clean and quiet operation for a full workday. SmartPX can be recharged by plugging into a standard wall outlet or a Level II charger.


SmartAPU provides daily power requirements for medium-duty service trucks to run auxiliary equipment like electric air-conditioning, export power, lighting, and more. Reduce idling, reach ESG goals, and save on fuel by signing up for the SmartAPU pilot program today.

The Most Reliable electric PTOs for Your Fleet

As we discussed in this previous post, our remote diagnostics and fleet reporting capabilities let you rest assured that your ePTOs are performing exactly as expected. Thanks to this new partnership, you’ll now be able to locate the nearest Terex Service Center to have installations or service happen close to home.

Ready to electrify your work? Contact us today to get started.