Work Trucks Reinvented: In a World Where the Power Goes Out, Electrifying is the Right Solution
April 19, 2023

Electrifying existing medium and heavy-duty trucks–where diesel-powered engines are used to drive to a location and electric systems are used to perform the work needed there–can be a cost-effective, practical, and sustainable solution for reducing fuel use and emissions. Here are some reasons why:

1. Cost-Effectiveness: Get 2-3Xs Your Investment

Retrofitting existing vehicles with electric systems to power work can provide a 2 to 3 times return on investment in fuel savings, maintenance costs, and improved efficiency. This alone makes electrifying trucks attractive.

2. Infrastructure: No Need for Significant Changes

Electrifying vehicles can be done without the need for significant changes to infrastructure for charging, making it a practical option and reducing the need for costly upgrades.

3. Durability: Extending the Life of Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks

Medium and heavy-duty work trucks are designed to last for many years, and retrofitting them with electric systems can extend their useful life (see the ways idling reduces engine life here), reducing waste and the need for premature disposal.

4. Safety: Smoother Operations and Reduced Noise Pollution

A hybrid upfit can also make worksites safer by reducing noise pollution and providing smoother operation. This can lead to a more comfortable and less distracting work environment, which can increase productivity and reduce the risk of accidents.

5. Emissions Reduction: Taking 3.5 Conventional Cars off the Road

Retrofitting vehicles with electric systems can significantly reduce emissions. In fact, every vehicle equipped with an ePTO reduces as much fuel use as taking 3.5 conventional cars off the road, which can lead to significant savings in fuel costs and emissions reduction. 

ELECTRIFYING Existing Medium and Heavy Duty Work Trucks: The Sustainable Solution for Your Fleet

Electrifying existing medium and heavy duty trucks is a perfect near-to-mid term solution. It has a quick, robust return on investment, creates a safer worksite, and allows fleets to achieve any emissions reduction goals.

Did you ever think you could meet your emissions reduction goals AND SAVE MONEY at the same time?

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