Compact, Portable Level II EV Charging Station for Rapid Deployment

SmartPX Mobile Power is a portable, modular Level II charging station utilizing a field-tested, proven electric powertrain. Compact and ready for rapid deployment, SmartPX Mobile Charging can charge up to 6 EVs at a time, allowing you to bring your power where you need it most.

  • Portable & Compact Easily transported, fits on a trailer or service vehicle.
  • High Capacity Can charge up to 6 EVs simultaneously with 12kVA power output.
  • Field-Tested Technology Based on Viatec’s proven system technology.
  • Flexible Deployment Ideal for rapid deployment in various locations.
  • Cost-Effective Plug-and-play, uses standard outlets, perfect for utility fleets.
  • Sustainable Reduces emissions, clean and quiet alternative to traditional generators.
  • Scalable Configurable design adaptable to fleet size and charging needs.