Viatec Provides Easy Ways to Reach Fleet Emissions Goals in California
March 31, 2023

GREENVILLE, S.C., March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Viatec, a leader in fleet electrification solutions, is providing California with a unique opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and achieve sustainability goals. Viatec’s plug-in electric power systems, SmartPTO and SmartPX, are installed on vocational trucks to power various equipment.

Nearly 70% of a typical work truck’s carbon emissions come from worksite idling. Viatec’s solutions are an easy, standalone approach to eliminating unnecessary emissions from truck engines or generators – without compromising performance or power. They are lightweight, easy to install, and will not impact the driveline of the truck they are installed on.

SmartPTO Viatec’s approach to eliminating worksite idling emissions starts with providing clean hydraulic power to equipment like the boom arm on a bucket truck. SmartPTO, which is Viatec’s electric Power Take-off system, is installed on aerial bucket trucks and is a parallel PTO system providing the required power to run the boom operations – which would have otherwise required the truck to idle for hours. Minimal truck-side integration means simple, fast installation. The legacy PTO system on the truck remains operational and can be accessed as a backup during emergencies. SmartPTO can be an upfit or a retrofit, and the onboard Telematics provides easy reporting on savings on fuel and maintenance.


SmartPX, Viatec’s newest product offering, is a plug-in electric alternative to gas or diesel-powered worksite generators. SmartPX has an electric powertrain powering a rotary generator that produces pure sine-wave output with optimal efficiency. SmartPX can power multiple 120V and 240V AC outputs and allow crews to run heavy loads like rooftop ACs, trash pumps, welders, or microwaves and for power a variety of tools. SmartPX also provides 12V power to maintain the truck batteries. Service trucks serve as roadway workstations and with SmartPX, they can be quickly upfitted to meet the power needs of the crews while eliminating worksite emissions from generators.


“Viatec’s SmartPTO and SmartPX are game-changers for California businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve sustainability goals,” said Viatec VP-Sales, Anjali Deodhar. “Our products are cost-effective, practical, and easy-to-implement solutions for organizations that want to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions while also saving money.”

Viatec’s solutions have already been adopted nationwide by utilities and municipalities. In CA, SmartPTO is eligible for HVIP funding. With the state’s aggressive carbon reduction targets, Viatec’s products provide a significant opportunity to achieve those goals for vocational trucks while also improving the bottom line for businesses.