Viatec Partners with Lift Industries to Bring ePTOs to Australia
July 25, 2023

A Productive Collaboration: Viatec Equips Lift Industries’ Bucket Trucks — and Australian Utilities — with SmartPTO

alt= image of bucket trucks made by essential energy and powered viatec smartpto, lift industries and terex

Recently, Viatec partnered with Lift Industries to provide Australian utilities and vocational work trucks with our game-changing ePTO solutions. Lift, a large Australian distributor, has already delivered their first SmartPTO-equipped truck to Essential Energy, one of Australia’s largest regional utilities. With an 80-foot boom, it represents the largest reach of any SmartPTO installation to date.

A Game-Changer for Utility Operations: The Impact of SmartPTO

Viatec’s SmartPTO provides an all-electric, plug-and-play power take off system. This allows our customers to eliminate work truck idling on the job, which in turn reduces noise pollution, emissions and vehicle engine wear-and-tear. Some of the benefits that supported the purchase are reducing noise on the worksite for improved safety, reducing idle time and improving engine life and lowering overall emissions—is an important step in preserving the health of our planet.

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